Shopping for shoes ought to be exciting. Not exhausting.


Sure, you can find hiking boots at TRU Show. You just don't need them to get around. Would you rather take a casual stroll in a beautiful atrium, or endlessly hike around a cavernous hall? That's what we thought. TRU Show brings national wholesalers to area retailers in more relaxed, pleasant environment. Here, you'll find a huge variety of lines and styles from the top brands within walking distance from each other. All the shoes and accessories your little heart desires. What's more, an honest-to-goodness free lunch is included. Can you feel the love?

TRU Advantages

More Privacy

Each exhibitor displays products in their own private, enclosed space, instead of a giant convention hall. That way you can do business without competitors peeking over your shoulder.

More Peace

Since you can shop in the privacy and the comfort of each exhibitor's room, you won't have to shout to be heard. Enjoy the casual, quieter atmosphere that larger venues just can't offer.

More Rest

No need to run around between convention halls. At TRU Show, it's all in one place. With your exhibitor directory in hand, you can cruise the floors of the show at your own pace.

More Variety

TRU Show features a wide assortment of footwear and accessory lines. We cover virtually every category. The exhibitor selection is not only diverse, but comprehensive as well. Enjoy an array that's unrivaled by other regional shows.

More Convenience

We're bringing the show to a city near you. (If there's not a TRU Show near you already, let us know so we can add a show in your area.) And did we mention we also provide lunch? It's on the house.

More Innovation

Use your smart phones to locate exhibitors and lines by category.

Don't miss the excitement. Check out the Event Calendar to register for an upcoming show. Registration is also available at the door. Or join our email list to stay up to date about future TRU Show events.